About Us

The New Way to

Who We Are

The story begins two years ago in our small workshop right under our home where we decided to find ways to enrich the lives of the people around us using a few simple ingredients: ideas that will put a smile on a girl’s face… fabrics that indulge in feelings of comfort, elegance and style… and of course affordable creations every girl can treat herself to.
So who are we?
Two sisters with a love for fashion and their amazing mum with a great passion and devotion for the art of handcrafting. The mum being the cornerstone of all the magic, making sure that every single creation carries the individuality and authenticity it needs to be called a SOMEDAY, always giving each bag the time and attention it deserves. Giving the sisters the time to look for new ideas, finding fabrics that inspire new creations and of course be in constant exchange with our beautiful customers that have helped and supported us to learn and become who we are today. Starting with the original and classic lunch bag we slowly made our way to new creations and ideas, developing our brand a long with our learning path. There is still a lot to come, as our love and attention to our brand drives us to listen to all of you around us and learn how we can keep brining joyful moments to your everyday.


Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire our shareholders to find beauty in the small moments and things of every day. Someday is more than a bag, it is a state of mind…

Our Vision

The aspire to become a part of people’s journeys, accompanying them both at their special occasions but also giving them ways to make their everyday moments more special.

Our Values

SIMPLICITY… creating affordable beauty right out of our family workshop.
SUBSTANCE… making it our purpose that every idea has the thought and attention that makes it a special part of your day.
INNOVATION… always being on the lookout for new concepts and ideas.
DEVOTION… staying true to our own simplicity by never leaving the beauty of the small family handcrafting art.